SPINK LONDON | Spink is delighted to announce that The Federal Republic of Germany has commissioned the auction house Spink with the Sale of a unique collection of German economic history; an amazing collection to be sold on the 20th November 2015. 

The German Ministry of Finance (BADV) has awarded Spink, a leading collectables auction house, with the sale of the inventory of historic bonds from the former German Reichsbank.  

At the beginning of this century, the BADV started with the sales of inventory of the former German Reichsbank. However, until now only the papers of private companies were sold. This November, there will be a sale that will touch the very heart of German Economic History. Long-awaited treasury bills and bonds of Reichsbank and German Länder from 1889 to 1941 will be going under the hammer at last.


 Anleihe des Deutschen Reiches. 4% Schuldverschreibung 1000 Mark, Berlin 30.7.1878.

The certificates on offer have a remarkable history. They have survived the Second World War unscathed by bombs by being stored in the impenetrable safe of the Reichsbank in Berlin. Even during the years of the GDR they went largely untouched. After the German reunification, the German Ministry undertook all the necessary clarification of possible claims. As this process is now completed, this historically unique and valuable collection of financial certificates can finally be auctioned off.


Anleihe des Deutschen Reiches. 4½ Schuldverschreibung 100'000 Reichsmark, Berlin 3.6.1935.

Dr. Thomas Dress, the vice-president of the BADV, had this to comment on the subject: "We are happy to make available these important witnesses of German Economic history to the public and interested collectors. With the auction house Spink we also have found an ideal sales partner. Thanks to its profound market knowledge and experience, its excellent reputation and global reach in Europe, USA and Asia, the auction house Spink is ideally suited for the sale of this unique inventory of financial history of Germany."


 Deutsche Schutzgebietsanleihe von 1908 (aufgenommen für Kamerun und Togo). 4% Schuldverschreibung 1000 Mark, Berlin 25.6.1908.

The auction will take place on the 20th November 2015 in the sale rooms of Spink's London office: 69 Southampton Row, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 4ET.  Any revenue generated by this auction will go directly to the Nazi-Crimes Compensation Fund.

For more information please contact Mike Veissid:

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