SPINK ASIA | Spink and Son, as a key sponsor and the official auctioneer of the International World Stamp Exhibition, are keen to present the exceptional sale of 'Stamps and covers of South East Asia'. The auction will be taking place on the 18th August 2015 in Singapore. The sale consists of the finest assortment of philatelic items and postal history, but its most defining feature is its propensity for genuine rarities and stunningly unique items. 

This is a sale with something for everyone; from spectacular and unique single items to secretly stunning historical gems. Amongst these is lot 2607, a 10c. Harlequin fish strip of ten with margins at ends, the last two withblack omittedand the adjoining stamp with partial omission, a central fold, with fine unmounted mint. A most stunning error. S.G. 69b, £14,000.


Lot 2607, estimated:  S$18,000-22,000

Lot 2637 also beggars belief with its fascinating array of hidden depths beneath what appeared to be an inconspicuous envelope. It comprises of an 1852 (1 Aug.) lace paper holograph letter to Thomas Church, the Resident Councillor of Singapore, the original red silk pouch with the address label bearing two different small, square Royal seals. The letter sent to Singapore via Hong Kong, having just missed the direct boat. Marked "Via Chinaman"and the address panel with "PAID/AT/HONG KONG" crowned circle in red, type 7 double-arc despatch c.d.s. (30.8) and rated "2"in ink. The letter bears two different strikes of the large Royal seals and there is some splitting along the lace embossing. A second small envelope was enclosed with the mail letter and bears a black printed floral surround around the address panel, printed name card and yellow, gold-flecked paper bearing examples of the Royal seals. The envelope with wax seal, "Sovereign/of/Siam &c" .The letter itself reads: 

"This fromSiamese Majesty the Sovereign of Siam & all adjacent tributary territories Laos Gonas &cTo Honourable Thomas Church Esquire the resident Councillor of Singapore Dated Royalresidence named Rajmandism house grand palace Bangkok 1st August 1852 O Alas very Dear Sir, It was my fault indeed for losing of my remembrance to put two parcils of my cardsand seals which I have had concerned in my foregoing letter per the Chinese Junk sailed fromhence to Singapore. I would not recolect these two parcels which were prepared & put in mywriting desk before I ... the foregoing letter and sent it hurringly. Please receive these whichare forwarded you via China when I have not them again in my writing desk and please doaccording to my request transmitted to you in my foregoing letter Your letter of the 4th instsent me per the Herlene was reached my hand there is nothing to be answered. I beg to remainyours faithfully SPPM Mongkut, King of Siam" 

An important and valuable letter, believed to be the only such correspondence which is postmarked from Hong Kong. This letter was discovered inside a beautiful embroidered pouch, apparently adorned with beetle wings, purchased in a London antique market. Also included in this pouch (and with this lot) is an 1850 letter to Major General Sir Henry Pottinger (the first Governor of Hong Kong), Fort George (Madras) with a fabulous, gold-bordered letter signed by Martanda Purmah Rajah at Palace Trivandrum (Travancore). The letters were not discovered until sometime after the purchase of this pouch. A highly desirable new discovery.


Lot 2637, estimated:  S$8,000-10,000 

The sale will take place during the prestigious International World Stamp Exhibition on August 16th - 17th 2015, in Singapore. Although one of many Spink sales taking place during the exhibition, it is by no means the least. The Exhibition and all of the Spink sales will be covered live by a dedicated Spink reporter on all of our social media sites! Estimated to set many new World Records, this sale is not to be missed! 

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