SPINK CHINA | Spink is delighted to invite our connoisseurs to the tropical setting of Singapore for An Evening of Selected Rums, Fine Wines, Whiskies and Cognacs on the 15th August 2015 in the Marina Bay Sands Heliconia Ballroom. It is only fitting that in such grand surroundings we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore with a sale of premium quality that is the epitome of those two finest of attributes: patience and heritage.

This fine diversity of items for offer creates a sensuous journey across the world. We open north of Bordeaux in the Gironde estuary of Médoc and a Magnum of Château Margaux 1990 (Lot 5): sold in the 19th century as "white sauvignon wine" its brand label'Pavillon Blanc de Château Margaux'has the distinction of remaining unchanged since 1920. Revered for its rich flavour, resisting the temptation to dive in may prove very difficult; but for those who wait for the years to pass the rewards will be bountiful, for it is during this process that Château Margaux develops its subtle, delicate and more integrated aromas and tastes.

Lot 5, Estimated: S$2000 

Gliding forth into the sun-kissed vineyards of Saint-Emilion to behold the Château Ausone 2000 (Lot 11). Esteemed with a 100/100 rating from theWine Advocateit is described as a "tour de force . . . and a great expression of this magical terroir", lamentably however its anticipated maturity is 2020-2075, once again that virtue of patience is necessary. Fear not though for there is a silver lining! With twelve bottles presented in pristine condition in their original wooden case, Spink echoes Robert Parker's sentiment "everyone owes it to themselves to taste this prodigious effort" - the only question iswill you wait?

Lot 11, Starting Price: S$18,000 (S$1,500 each bottle). 

Roaming north to the medieval town of Cognac; here on its charming cobbled streets resides 141 years of legacy,thecognac served to Queen Elizabeth II and George VI at Versailles and one in which only four maitres de chai have presided, it could only be Louis XIII Remy Martin. Presented in exquisite handcrafted Baccarat crystal decanters and blended from up to 1200 eaux-de-vie aged between 40 and 100 years. Spink is proud to be offering five bottles, including Lot 37 which comes with an old-type treasure chest presentation case, Louis XIII degustation glass and certificate.

Lot 37, Estimated: S$2,900 

Drifting down the River Charente we eventually depart to the fords of the onrushing river Spey and the historic Macallan Single Malt. Founded in 1824, Macallan derived its name from the Gaelic word for a fertile piece of land, 'Magh', and the Irish monk St Fillan who travelled through Scotland in the 8th century AD promoting Christianity. Ancient folklore tells of St Fillan as healing the sick as patron saint of the mentally ill; as late as the 19th century people were dunked in St. Fillan's Pool, bound and left overnight tied to the altar in the ruined chapel. If the bonds were loosed by morning it was heralded as a sign that a cure had taken place. Whether Macallan's single malt wields such power rests in the discerning palettes of our aficionados, but housed in a stunning Lalique crystal decanter and bottled by master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno from seven casks, we believe this particular Macallan deserves pride of place in the very finest of homes.

Lot 56, Estimated: S$6300

We conclude atop Mount Fuji with Hibiki's 21 year-old 'Banquet of the Peak' (Lot 68, S$1500). A special edition of only 2000 bottles it has 24 facets to symbolize the 24-hours of the day as well as the 24-months of the old Japanese calendar. Brushing falling snowflakes from our eyes we look out through the ethereal floating clouds to the valley below and the birthplace of Karuizawa, with 25 prized bottles on show our gaze is drawnto Lot 105. Specially bottled for the Balthus & Giacometti 1997 exhibition in Nagano at the now closed Musee d'art Mercian and illustrated with Balthus's bizarre self-portrait 'The King of Cats' (1935) it is a curio to intrigue and luxuriate in, this is a bottle of 17 year-old Karuizawa Malt Whisky after all.

Lot 105, Estimated: S$3,900

For more information, please contact Guillaume Willk-Fabia:

Tel: +852 3952 3000 | Email: [email protected] 

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