There is a sage Shakespearean proverb that asks 'why then, can one desire too much of a good thing?' Well, when the thing in question is a bottle of Karuizawa Japanese whisky we think even the Bard himself may have been compelled to eat his own words. Following on from our April sale of "Great Whiskies, Cognacs and Wines", Spink is delighted to offer a prized selection of the exceedingly rare Karuizawa Samurai and Geisha series as well as the 1981 Fire Dragon.

The legend of Karuizawa is a tale steeped in mystique yet tinged with sadness. Founded in 1955 at the foot of the foreboding snow-capped volcano Mount Asama, Karuizawa set itself apart with fervent individualism and unheralded ambition. Distilling in small batches aged in Spanish oak sherry casks and using the famous Golden Promise barley for its hardy, fast-maturing quality Karuizawa redefined the art of making whisky. Perhaps it is inevitable that in a world of instant gratification such persistence and attention to detail would be unsustainable and so it proved in 2001 when the distillery closed its doors for the final time.

Legends however, are borne out over time. Karuizawa may be finite, a marvel lost too soon; but its magic and mystery live on in the memories of our connoisseurs across the world who continue exploring, inspiring and passing on the legend of the grandmaster Karuizawa. 

With that in mind we believe this June auction to be a celebration of a legacy and Spink is delighted to honour Karuizawa's final roar of defiance. We have four bottles of both the Geisha and Samurai series, exquisitely designed by hand, for our connoisseurs to savour. 


Karuizawa Single Cask Malt Whisky Vintage 1976 Geisha.  Aged 34 years.  Distilled in Karuizawa Distillery. Sherry Butt. Cask number 7818.  Bottle number 184 of 554.  Estimated: HK$ 35,000.00

Evoking the onsen hot spring baths, mountain streams and pine forests of the historic town of Karuizawa, each inhalation is a wonder in itself, an intoxicating aroma that immediately leads the senses to the very foot of Mount Asama and the blazing 1981 Fire Dragon. Majestically aflame in clouds of crimson and gold he stands with dignified pride amidst the blackness, fiercely refined, knowing that the heart of Karuizawa beats on in each who taste it.­   



Karuizawa Single Cask Malt Whisky Vintage 1981, aged 30 years. Fire Dragon.  Cask no. #6370.  Distilled at Karuizawa Distillery, matured in sherry butt.  Bottled in 2011. 45 of 378 bottles. Estimated: HK$36,000.00

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