On 28th November 2014 Spink London will offer for sale one of only two known existing documents issued to raise money for a Scottish invasion of England, estimated at £4,000 - 5,000.


 Lot 383

This certificate for 600 merks (£400) was issued to pay for the troops, drawn from Scottish Covenanters, who joined with Cromwell's forces to help defeat Charles I. Printed with hand date insertion of 22nd August, 1644. "Forced" loans were a common way of raising money for both sides during the Civil War. The Scottish Covenanters struck a deal exchanging military support for the introduction in England of Presbyterianism. This did not happen and eventually Cromwell successfully invaded Scotland to scotch the Covenanters, who in turn later were the first to "crown" Charles II. Scotland was forced into a union with the Commonwealth.

This rare document is included in the sale of Bonds and Share certificates of the world on 28th November 2014. The sale contains 882 lots of interesting and colourful documents from across the globe from the 17th to the 20th centuries. From certificates issued to raise money for railways in China to loans raised for the mythical State of Poyais in 1823, from share certificates representing the growth of the railways in Britain to an interesting part share in the Eddystone Lighthouse. The latter hand-written and dated 1758 was for the third lighthouse, the previous two having been destroyed, and survived until 1877.

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