On the 7th of June 2014, Spink Switzerland will be holding an auction of "Bonds and Share Certificates of the World". 

The auction contains a diverse selection of rare and historically important items from Europe and the United States. 

Highlights of the sale include lot 119, a bill of the exchange, 1756, for the supply of the North-American Expedition, signed by Benjamin Franklin, and lot 121, a eighth share certificate, 1787, issued by the famous French Compagnie des Indes, established by John Law.


Lot 119 (front & back) Bill of Exchange, 1756, Benjamin Franklin.

Estimate: CHF 18,000-20,000 (£12,000-£13,500)



Lot 121 Compagnie des Indes, 1787.

Estimate: CHF 18,000-20,000 (£12,000-£13,500)


From a well-represented Swiss market, the sale also features papers from Swiss Railway and Shipping. These include rare Share certificates from the Bernese Marzili Railway, 1885 (lot 288), the Zurich Polybahn, 1888 (lot 358) and the Vereinigte Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft für den Thuner- & Brienzersee, 1891 (lot 340). 


Lot 288

Drahtseilbahn Marzili-Stadt Bern, 1885.

Estimate: CHF 2,000-3,000 (£1,350-£2,000)



Lot 358

Zürichbergbahn-Gesellschaft (Strecke Zürich-Polytechnikum) 1888.

Estimate: CHF 1,000-1,500 (£675-£1,000)


Lot 340

Vereinigte Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft für den Thuner- & Brienzersee, 1891.

Estimate: CHF 3,000-4,000 (£2,000-£2,700)

Other items include a 1941 replica of Marcel Duchamp's issued Bond of the Roulette de Monte Carlo (lot 45) and a TV-share from Sanabria Television (lot 337), which is thought to be the first TV-share known, issued in 1932.


Lot 45

Roulette de Monte Carlo, 1941 (1924).

Estimate: CHF 2,000-3,000 (£1,350-£2,000)


Lot 377

Sanabria Television Corporation, 1932.

Estimate: CHF 1,500-2,000 (£1,000-£1,400)

Spink Specialist Dr. Peter Christen commented, "We from Spink are happy to be able to offer our buyers many interesting and unique Bonds & Share certificates. With this auction, Spink will set another milestone in the development of this new and exciting field of Bonds & Shares"

'Bonds & Share Certificates of the World'will take place at 12 noon at the Hotel Lugano Dante, Piazza Cioccaro.


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