On the 2nd and 3rd of December, Spink will hold a 1080 lot sale of Ancient, British and Foreign Coins and Commemorative Medals. The auction falls neatly into two parts, the first day with ancient and world coins, the second day devoted to British coins.

Highlights include a small collection of Roman gold coins (lots 152-172 esp. 161, 164, 172), which will prove very popular as these are currently in great demand at the moment, and there is consequently a scarcity on the market.


The collection of coins and medals of Napoleon and his family (lots 289-368) is unusual, and this group is notable for the uniformly high quality. Items relating to Napoleon have always had a universal appeal and these coins and medals will sell to collectors from around the world, not just to the French market.


The world coin section includes Polish and Russian rarities (lots 468-537), again popular at the moment, with a group of coins and medals from the collection of the most famous Polish numismatist and collector of all time, Count Emeryk Hutten-Czapski (lots 468-485). Highlights of this section are lots 485, 516 and 525.


The second day will open with the long awaited and already well viewed third and final portion of the 16th century coins from the Ross Blakey collection (lots 564-648).  Tudor and Elizabethan coinage is probably more popular now than ever before (due in part to a number of popular books, films and TV programmes) with good portraits always keenly fought over. Highlights of this section are lots 595, 628, 637 and 638.


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