On the 19th of October 2013, Spink Switzerland will be holding its inaugral Bonds & Share Certificates sale to further expand Spink into the continental European market.

In 2011, Spink aquired Swiss stamp specialist Investphila. This year, a cooperation was made with Hiwepa AG, the market leader for bonds and shares in Switzerland. Spink Switzerland has also welcomed Dr. Peter Christen onto its specialist team, one of the best connoisseurs of collectable bonds and shares.

He has put together an exceptional auction for October. We are proud to offer you an attractive array of pieces, many of them extremely rare or even unknown. The focus is on the European market. Switzerland, Germany, Italy and France are particularly well represented.

The auction will consist of a comfortable 500 lots with realistic estimates, which should provide for an animated afternoon.


Lot 77: A share of the Spinning and Weaving Mill in Ettlingen 1848.


Lot 83: Never seen before: Preferred shares of Hannoversche Actien-Gummiwaarenfabrik 1887. 


Lot 116: Sugar factory zu Söllingen 1851

The range of offered German papers is diverse. Particularly noteworthy is a share of the Gesellschaft für Spinnerei und Weberei in Ettlingen of 1848, several mining stocks as a share of Hibernia and Shamrock Mining Company in 1874 or the Sieg-Rheinischer Bergwerks- und Hütten-Aktien-Verein from 1858. There are several rare and sometimes unknown papers. For instance a unique set of different shares of the Hannoversche Actien-Gummiwaaren-Fabrik resp. the Mittelland Gummiwerke AG; these lots will be interesing for dealers as well as collectors. There are also different stocks of the Stahlwerk Becker AG from Krefeld and a 1872 share of the Renaissance AG für Holz-Architectur und Möbel-Fabrikation from Berlin. In addition to a share of the Kaysersberger Thalbahn from 1887, a true highlight of the auction is a very rare and decorative share of the Zuckerfabrik zu Söllingen of 1851.


Lot 184: Share of the Nuovo Motore Barsanti Matteucci, 1859, first holder of a patent of an internal combustion engine.


Lot 151: Share of the world famous car producer FIAT.


Lot 195: Share of the Società Italiana Automobili Darracq, 1906, later ALFA-Romeo.

The auction will also include some very interesting italian shares. A market segment not well known north of the alps. Here we find various automobile companies like Bianchi, Castagna, Frera , Fiat, Darracq ( Alfa Romeo ), Marchand and Hermes. On sale are a decorative share of the railway from Tornavento to Sesto Calende 1858, the early share of the Railway "Maria Antonia" from Florence to Pistoia through Prato from 1845 and a share of its extention, the railway from Lucca to Pistoia from 1849. Particularly noteworthy is a stock of the Nuovo Motore created by the two inventors Barsanti and Matteucci of 1859. Several historians value these two as the true inventors of the internal combustion engine.


Lot 293: Bond of the Gotthard-Railway 1895, the main railway link through the alps.


Lot 340: Oldest existing share of the Berner Chocolade-Fabrik, Tobler & Co AG 1905. The inventor of the famous Toblerone.


Lot 309: Highly decorative share of the Zoo in Basel.

Swiss papers are particularly well represented. Papers from Ticino form a separate part with an extremely rare bond of the Ferrovia Elettrica Lugano-Cadro-Dino (Sonvico) from 1911 and of the Gotthardbahn-Gesellschaft from 1895 and a founders share of the Monte Generoso railway from 1890. The Swiss part is led by a rare share of the inventor of the famous Toblerone, the Berner Chocolade-Fabrik, Tobler & Co AG. The offered share of the Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft für den obern Zürichsee from 1888 is unknown. Historically significant and decorative are the two papers from first days of the Zurich Financial Services.


Lot 415: Share of the Lake Valley of Switzerland 1882.


Lot 433: Very rare Bond of the Vereinigte Schweizerbahnen 1863

There are many rare or unknown pieces relating to Swiss railways. Outstanding pieces are the founder's share of the Lake Valley of Switzerland from 1882, the bond of the Vereinigte Schweizerbahnen from 1864 and the Eisenbahnunternehmung Zürich-Zug-Luzern from 1862. A highlight is a unique and comprehensive collection of pieces of the Berner Alpenbahn BLS. Its story is described in the first issue of the new publication "Hiwepa portfolio " from our Swiss partner Hiwepa ( www.hiwepa.ch ).

Other highlights from Switzerland are a decorative and still valid share of the Zoological Garden in Basel and the shares of the Kurhaus-Gesellschaft Baden and the Mechanische Papier-Fabrik zu Thal im Kanton St. Gallen from 1864.

The origins of the capital markets is illustrated in the chapter "Early Historic Papers". Here there are many historically significant papers from Naples and Florence, papers showing the Habsburgs attempts to establish itself in the East-India trade and bond and tontines from various kingdoms. The offer is rounded by papers from other countries like the U.S. or Russia, with a share of the famous Moscou department store Gum from 1911 or a unknown founder's share of the Manufacture de Soieries à Moscou in 1896.


Lot 256: Share of the world famous shopping mall in Moscou 1911


Lot 267: Never seen before: Founder's share of the Société de la Manufacture de Soieries à Moscou 1896

Speaking of sale, Dr. Peter Christen said "we are looking forward to an interesting start to Spink Switzerland's venture into bonds and shares".

Bonds & Share Certificates of the World will be held in Lugano at the Hotel Dante at 12 noon. Click here to view the catalogue and for Spink Live bidding. We will also gladly take your bids by mail, fax or phone.

As usual with Hiwepa, we will also be holding a Remote Auction the following Monday 21 October 2013 at 12 noon, consisting of around 500 lots. Mail or internet bids only.

For more information please contact Dr. Peter Christen Tel: +41 79 358 48 92 Email: [email protected]

Click here for more information on Spink Chairman and CEO Olivier D. Stocker