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Auction: SFW38 - Spink x Cask 88 Auction
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Port Ellen-2nd Annual Release-1978-24 year old

Bottled 2002. Distilled and Bottled at Port Ellen Distillery, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay.
Bottle number 6794 of 12000. In original carton. Good label. Level: into neck.

"... Mouth (neat): sweeter but still a little aggressive. Candied oranges, dried pears, sugared lemon juice... With water: nice farmy notes, dried apples and pears. Unusual notes of figs. Finish: long, rather sweet, peaty." (5 stars-Whiskyfun)
70cl. Single Malt., 59.35% volume.
1 bottle

「......(淨飲):更甜美,但仍有一點勁度。蜜餞橙、梨乾、加糖檸檬汁......加水:美妙的農家風味、蘋果乾和梨乾,無花果的非凡氣息。收結:悠長,相當甜美,泥煤味濃。」( Whiskyfun:5星)

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