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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1412

People's Republic
Collections and Ranges
1963-72 mint selection in stockbook with some better issues from Athletics Games (C100), including Cuban Revolution (C102), 1964 Labour Day (C104), Shrine of the Revolution (S65), Peonies set (S61), Bronze Vessels, Anniversary of People's Republic (C106) strip of three, Petroleum Industry (S68). 1965 Tsunyi Conference (C109), Chinkiang Mountains (S73), People's Liberation Army (S74), Victory over the Japanese (C115), Second National Games (C116), Women in Industry (S71), 1966 Industrial Machines (S62), Cultural Revolution Games (C121), Lu Hsun (C122), Oilwell Firefighters (C124), Liu Yingjun (C123). Cultural Revolution with Thoughts of Chairman Mao (W1) 8f. one strip of five with imprint (unfolded), Mao 8f. plus one used on cover, Long Live Chairman Mao (W2) seven values with some duplication, Literature and Art set (W3), Anniversary of Communist Party (W4) set with four additional blocks of four, People's Republic (W6). Mao's Poems (W7) thirteen values including the better stamps, Fleet Expansionist Congress (W8) block of four, Literature and Art (W5) set, Anti-American (W9), Anniversary of People's Liberation Army (W11) block of four, Mao's Youth (W12), Mao's Instruction (W13), Defence of Chen Pao-Tau (W19), Taking Tiger Mountain (N1), Paris Commune (N3), Anniversary of Communist Party (N4), Albanian Workers Party (N6), Physical Culture (N9), Ships (N7). Condition appears to be fine throughout


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