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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1410

People's Republic
Collections and Ranges
An unused and fairly comprehensive collection in two stockbooks with issues from 1949 First People's Conference (C1), 1950 $20,000 on 10,000 (SC2), 1950 Surcharges (SC3) set of fourteen, Tien an Men (R3) and (R4) sets, 1955 Liberation Army (C41), 1958 Heroes' Monument miniature sheet (C47), 1959 Anniversary of People's Republic (C71), 1960 Anniversary of Zunyi Meeting (C74), Goldfish set (S38), some toning, Pig Breeding (toned), 1961 Anniversary of the Communist Party (C88), Military Museum (S45), Tang Pottery (S46), Tibetan People (S47), 1962 Tu Fu (C93), Support for Cuba (S51), Mei Lan Fang set (C94) fine unmounted mint, Russian Revolution (C95), 1963 Cuban revolution (C97), Butterflies (S56), Children (S54) perf. and imperf., Giant Pandas, Snub-nosed Monkeys (S60) perf. and imperf. and Hwangshan Landscapes (S57). There is some light toning of the gum on some of the later sets


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