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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1329

Foreign Post Offices
German Post Office
Postal Stationery: 1900 (17 Mar.) "China" (56 degrees) 10pf. reply card sent to New York, cancelled by Tsingtao c.d.s. and bearing China C.I.P. 1c. tied by Kiaochow dated oval, the reverse with Yokohama (3.4) and Yonkers (2.5) datestamps. The reply section cancelled by Yonkers duplex (9.6) and New York Machine cancellation, the C.I.P. 1c. tied by Shanghai Local Post c.d.s. (7.7) with purple Kiaochow dated oval alongside, the reverse bearing Vancouver duplex (16.6) and British Post Office Shanghai c.d.s. (7.7). A magnificent and very rare complete reply card used both ways. Photo

1900年3月17日加蓋 "CHINA" 德國10pf. 回郵片寄紐約, 銷青島日戳, 加貼蟠龍壹分票, 銷膠州㰐圓形戳, 背面有4月3日橫濱及5月2日Yonkers 戳, 回片銷6月9日Yonkers 戳及紐約機印戳, 而蟠龍壹分票, 銷7月7日上海工部戳, 及紫色膠州㰐圓形戳, 背面盖6月16日温哥華戳及7月7日上海英國客郵戳. 罕見的完整回郵片.

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