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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1242

Covers and Cancellations
Air Mail
1923 (23 May) an envelope registered from Shanghai to Peking carried on the return leg of the first flight between Tientsin and Peking, bears 1921 Air set of five (each with lower margin imprint) and a further 9c. franking tied by a single strike of the Shanghai English/Chinese c.d.s. and each stamp bearing the Tientsin bilingual c.d.s., the reverse bears the boxed, bilingual "chinese post office/Despatched by Aeroplane/tientsin to peking" in purple along with the Peking arrival c.d.s. (23.5). A scarce cover, especially from the return leg. Starr 5. Photo

The purple handstamp was first used on the original Tientsin to Peking experimental flight made in 1920. It appears the the circular handstamp was used on mail from Peking and the boxed handstamp on the mail from Tientsin


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