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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1169

1898-1910 Chinese Imperial Post
Train Post Office: 1906 (1 July) picture postcard from Howkow to Belgium bearing C.I.P. 1c. (5, one on the picture side) tied by fine strikes of the rare Train Post Office lunar c.d.s. with the top section blank, with Hankow (3.7), Shanghai Chinese and French c.d.s. (6.7) and Welkenraedt arrival (11.8). This rare postmark is recorded by Sun Jun Yi where related cards are dated 1907. A highly desirable item for the connoisseur. Photo

1906年7月1日漢口寄比利時明信片, 貼蟠龍壹分五枚 (其中一枚貼於圖畫那面), 銷較清晰罕見的鐵路郵局干支日戳, 上格空白, 另有7月3日漢口, 7月6日上海法國客郵日戳, 及8月11日Welkenraedt 到達戳. 這枚罕見的郵戳由孫君毅記錄, 而相關明信片上的日期為 1907 年. 此仍鑑藏家們非常渴求之實寄片.

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