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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1139

1898-1910 Chinese Imperial Post
Imperial Post Office: Kirin: 1903 (June) red band envelope double registered to Shanghai bearing C.I.P. 1c. (9) and 2c. (5, three on address side) tied by Kirin Imperial Post Office rectangle handstamp with indistinct Shanghai bilingual c.d.s. arrival, the three stamps on the address side tied by a superb strike of bilingual registered handstamp with two strikes of large "R" at left. Some ageing but a very interesting and colourful 19c. franking. Photo

大清郵政: 吉林: 1903年6月寄上海雙掛號紅條封, 封背貼蟠龍壹分票9 枚及貳分票5枚 (3枚在封正面), 銷吉林大清郵政長方型郵戳, 及模糊的上海雙語到達日戳, 而封面的三枚貳分票銷雙語掛號戳及左邊蓋两枚大 "R" 印記. 封有少老化, 品相尚佳加以彩色繽紛的郵票.

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