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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1105

1897 New Currency Surcharges
Large Figures Surcharge, Wide Setting, Second Printing
A group showing parts of the surcharge omitted with 1c. on 1ca. with part of kun omitted, 2c. on 2ca. showing part of "t" omitted (2), one in pair with gin broken at left, and 4c. on 4ca. with part of "4", gin and kun missing; part to large part original gum. (5)

加蓋漏印變體票一組五枚; 洋銀壹分蓋於壹分銀票"艮"字部份漏印,两枚洋銀貳分蓋於貳分銀票"t"字部份缺失,雙連票中其一"金"字左破,及洋銀肆分蓋於肆分銀票中"4","金"及"艮"等字均有部份缺失; 品相中上.

HK$800 to HK$1,000

Starting price