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Auction: CSS74 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1024

Municipal Posts
20 cash dull blue with mixed margins and cancelled by two strikes of 1889 (30 Oct.) Tung Kum c.d.s.; the ink has oxidised to black with patches of red (central characters still blue), top left corner with small defect and a couple of thins on the reverse. There is a large red seal on the reverse.

A very interesting example of this mysterious and evocative stamp. The date (one has been inked over) is earlier than the date that these stamps were thought to have been produced (around 1896) and the production of an English postmark indicates that this was an attempt at a legitimate postal service. Very few examples of this stamp have been recorded and this is the first bearing a postmark. Photo

東莞20 cash 商埠票, 帶邊紙, 銷兩枚1889年10月30日東莞日戳; 墨水已經氧化成黑色, 帶有紅色斑塊(當中字體仍然是藍色), 左上角有小缺陷, 背面有一些薄薄的地方. 票背面有一大紅印.

HK$20,000 to HK$30,000

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