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Auction: CSS60 - Fine Stamps of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 5659

Hong Kong
British Post Offices in China
The British Postal Museum Archive Registration Sheets
The exceptional holding of fourteen requisition sheets from the first requisitions of both watermarks.

1916 watermark Multiple Crown CA with 1c. dark chocolate-brown including broken crown variety, 8c. slate-grey, 10c. ultramarine-blue, 12c. purple-brown on yellow, 20c. reddish purple and sage-green, 25c. reddish purple and magenta, 30c. reddish purple and chrome-yellow, $1 reddish purple and deep ultramarine on blue and $2 carmine and slate-black. Each sheet of 240 has had one stamp removed for display purposes (hinged on reverse) and this original stamp has been re-attached. On the reverse of each sheet is the typewritten legend, "the overprint impression "china" on the other side of this sheet was/this day taken in my presence for requisition", signed "G.W. Lionestreet" and underneath "stamping department/inland revenue/somerset house" with 1916 date. The first requisition of the "china" overprints did not have a requisition printed on the sheets, so these are without any additional printing in the top margin. Each sheet with pencil date of requisition in the lower corner.

The 1921 requisition "F" features the new Script CA watermark paper, there are sheets of 1c. chocolate-brown, 2c. bluish green, 4c. carmine-rose, 6c. deep yellow-orange, 8c. grey, 10c. ultramarine and 25c. dull reddish purple and magenta. Each sheet has have five stamps removed from the lower left corner (except 4c. lower right corner) and it has been confirmed that these stamps now reside in the Royal Philatelic Collection. The typewritten legend on the reverse of each sheet reads, "the overprint "china" on the other side of this sheet was/this day taken in my presence for requisition (new watermarked paper)" and signed "H.W. Langley". There is a pencil date of the requisition in the lower left corner, except the 4c. which has "ackd 22/2/22" in ink and, on this sheet the legend on the reverse is written in ink. Each sheet bears the requisition letter "F" in the top margins but, uniquely, these do not have any sheet numbers.

Each sheet is presented in a special, card backed mount; the 1916 1c. shows some gum curling but the other sheets are fine and flat. This highly important and unique group offers a rare opportunity to acquire these wonderful reference sheets. Other than the remaining sheets from the archive release, it is thought that the only other complete sheets in private hands are two sheets of 50c. and possibly one of the 1c. Cat. £130,000+. Photo

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