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Auction: CSS48 - CSS48 - The Numismatic Collectors' Series sale - conducted behind closed doors
Lot: 577

The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $10, 1.1.1905, serial number G/T 38369, brown borders on deep pink, bank coat of arms at upper centre, '$10' at each sides, 'TEN' in blue underprint, handsigned at lower left and printed black manuscript signature at lower right, reverse green, bank title and denomination in English,
(Pick 35), PMG 20 Very Fine (Ink). A superb note of the highest rarity. The earliest date of this type and one of three notes know. It is interesting to see that the date is overprinted rather than handwritten as suggested by the partially printed year '190_'. Last sold by Spink in 2000 and it will be a long time before it reappaears in a public auction.

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