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Auction: CSS41 - The Numismatic Collectors' Series sale
Lot: 119

The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, $100, 1st September 1929, uniface obverse and reverse hand painted composite essay for the 'Roman' series, blue, black and pink, Minerva at left, supported arms at centre, denomination at each corner, the reverse in similar colours, the old Bank building and automobile at centre, this was NOT the approved design used for the issued notes although the obverse is similar. Hand written date '1/9/29' written on both sides.

There are some minor differences on the obverse:

1. The issued date was 2.12.1929 as opposed to 1.9.1929 on the model
2. The vignette of Minerva is slightly smaller on the issued note to make space for the Accountant to sign below as opposed to the signature being above that of the Manager's on the model
3. The signature used on the model is different to the Fergusson signature that was used on issued notes

As for the reverse, the central vignette was completely changed to the junk boat and sampan design. A picture of the issued reverse is shown for reference only,
(Pick 52pm), the obverse graded PMG 64 and the reverse PMG 63. A unique pair and fascinating as these were not the final designs for this famous and popular series. The prospective buyer should note the fine details painted in fresh colours. An outstanding work of art and the fourth of our magnificent run of printer's models (1 pair)

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