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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 2342

Hong Kong
Collections and Ranges
A collection of mint Queen Victoria on pages which includes 1862-63 2c. (2), 18c. and 24c.; 1863-71 values to 24c. (2), both 30c. and 48c. (2); 1870 3c. and 5c. surcharges; 1880 set to 48c. yellow-brown, 1882-96 values to 30c.; 1891 Jubilee with varieties including tall "K" and space between "o n"; 1891 surcharges with 7c. and 14c. surcharge with 7c. antique "t" and both with short "t"; set to $1 on 96c. with Chinese characters; 1898 surcharges including 10c. on 30c. wide space (1.2mm); 1901-02 set and some Specimen overprints including 1900-01 set. Without gum to large part original gum; some imperfections as to be expected but a clean lot of good appearance. (80)

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