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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1701

1913-33 Junk Issue
1914-19 First Peking Print
1922 (23 Nov.) 1c. Junk stationery card to Taipei, Taiwan uprated with ½c. cancelled by Tsingtau bilingual c.d.s. Although the domestic postcard rate was raised to 2c. it remained 1½c. for Japan. The Tsingtau bilingual datestamp is scarce and this is a late date of use. Photo

1922年11月23日青島寄臺北壹分郵資片, 加貼郵資半分, 銷天津雙語日戳, 雖然當時國內郵費已增至二分, 但寄日本仍維特一分半郵費, 天津雙語日期戳較罕見, 並屬於晚期使用例.

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