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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1696

1913-33 Junk Issue
1914-19 First Peking Print
1922 (13 Nov.) 4c. Junk stationery card to Germany, uprated with 4c. tied by large Canton bilingual c.d.s.; fresh and fine. Used during the short-lived 8c. international postcard rate between 1st November 1922 and 1st January 1923. This rate was not repeated making this a very desirable card. Photo

1922年11月13日廣州寄德國肆分郵資片, 加貼郵資四分, 銷大型廣州雙語日戳; 因寄國外明信片八分郵資只短暫用於1922年11月1日至1923年1月1日之間, 且沒有再延長及重覆, 故凸顯這明信片的特殊性, 為郵費史的良好素材.

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