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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1694

1913-33 Junk Issue
1914-19 First Peking Print
1922 (1 Nov.) envelope to Berlin bearing, on the reverse, ½c. (2), 1c. (3), 3c. and 8c. tied by Chengtu English/Chinese c.d.s. with large Shanghai bilingual c.d.s. (19.11), A delightful and important cover used on the first day of the short-lived 15c. international rate. Photo

The rate for internatinaal letters was increased to 15c. on 1st November 1922, lasting only two months it was reduced back to 10c. on 1st January 1923

1922年11月1日成都寄柏林封, 封背貼半分兩枚, 壹分三枚, 三分及捌分各一枚, 銷成都雙語日戳, 11月19日大型上海雙語日戳; 它為國際郵費定為一角五分的短暫特別期間之內, 首日寄出的重要實寄封. 國際郵費曾於1922年11月1日加價為一角五分, 只兩個月後, 即1923年1月1日又將國際郵費回落為一角.

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