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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1659

1913-33 Junk Issue
1914-19 First Peking Print
1914 (24 July) printed commercial envelope registered to Belgium bearing, on the reverse, pair of 1c. and with 3c. London print (6) tied by Peking bilingual c.d.s. The cover has been censored, redirected and returned to sender with an array of transit marks and handstamps including Moukden (26.7), returned from Cologne to Shanghai (23.1), Pukowku - Tientsin (30.1) and Peking - Moukden (31.1) mobile office daters London (15.2), another London c.d.s. (16.5) and transsferred to Belgium, redirected to Schveningen in the Netherlands (20.5). A very colourful and much travelled cover. This is believed to be the earliest example of a Peking print stamp. Photo

1914年北京寄比利時商業掛號封, 封背貼壹分票一對及三分票六枚, 銷北京雙語日戳, 此信曾被檢查, 並改收件位址及退回寄件人, 所以蓋了不多的中轉戳及印記, 包括7月26日奉天戳, 由Cologne於1月23日遞返上海, 再由浦口於1月30日到天津, 及由北京於1月31白到奉天, 2月15日倫敦汽車郵局戳, 及5月16日其他倫敦日戳, 之後轉遞到比利時, 再次在5月20日轉往荷蘭的Schveningen. 充滿歴程且色彩豊富的少見實寄封, 相信是北京版帆船票的極早期使用例.

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