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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1596

1897 New Currency Surcharges
Pa-kua: Hankow; cancellation on Small Figures ½c. on 3ca., 1c. on 1ca., 2c. on 2ca., 4c. on 4ca., 5c. on 5ca., 8c. on 6ca. and 30c. on 24ca.; also Revenue Surcharge $1 on 3ca. red [25] (sheet position [100] with straight edge at foot), each cancelled by very neat and upright strike of the Hankow pa-kua cancellation in black. Mounted on a page with hand-written note, "Posted at Hankow on the 1st day of the new Chinese Postal Service (Customs) 2/2/97". An unusual and very desirable group which must be offered on its merits. Photo

漢口八卦戳黑色蓋銷慈夀加蓋小字洋銀半分蓋於三分, 洋銀壹分蓋於壹分, 洋銀貳分蓋於貳分, 洋銀肆分蓋於肆分, 洋銀伍分蓋於伍分, 洋銀捌分蓋於陸分, 洋銀三角蓋於貳錢肆分及紅印花當壹圓票, 均貼於頁面上並有手寫筆記, 於新海關郵政2/2/97成立第一天於漢口投寄並蓋銷, 非常難得的組合

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