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Auction: CSS37 - Fine Stamps and Covers of China and Hong Kong
Lot: 1567

Large Dragons
Mixed Printings
1ca. light green [8] with Customs Newchwang c.d.s. without yeardate, 3ca. pale red with a good strike of Customs Kiukiang (1884 (12 July) in red and 5ca. yellow-ochre with a good strike of Customs Shanghai 1879 (10 Dec.). A good set. Photo

大龍票全套三枚舊票: 壹分銀, 淺綠色, 蓋無年日牛莊海關日戳; 三分銀, 淡紅色, 蓋清晰1884年6月12日紅色九江海關日戳; 伍分銀, 黃赭色, 蓋清晰1879年12月10日上海海關戳. 整體品相中上.

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