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Auction: 347 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale
Lot: 85

Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930). Group of Medals. Landed in New York 1897. Plaques, 45 x 69mm. Silver (Sterling) and Bronzed Lead. By Victor D. Brenner. Slight natural buckle to the silver; Grønland Første Gang 1888. Brass, 23mm.Bust ¾ right. Integral loop. Polarexpedition "Fram" 1896. Brass (2) and Silvered Brass, 28.2mm (2). One with integral loop; Bust facing, head ¾ right / The 'Fram'; Nordpol Expedition 1895-6. Brass, 22mm. Bust ¾ right / legend; Fram Expedition, 1895-6. Silver, 23.5mm. Ship, list of member's names. Pierced twice; Nansen 1893 - Andres Polar Expedition 1896. White Metal, 50mm. The Fram, cameo of Nansen / Balloon, cameo of Andres; Sparebank Uken 1961. Bronze, 32mm. Nansen head left. Netherlands Nansen Committee for the "Hunger Emergency in Russia," 1923. Bronze, 41mm. Woman and starving child / clasped hands. The Nansen/Andres only About Fine; the others About VF-EF. (11)

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Sale 347 Notices
The large Russian Nansen Medal photographed is not in this lot. It is in lot 81.