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Auction: 347 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale
Lot: 81

Alexey Fyodorovich Tryoshnikov (1914-1991). Soviet polar explorer; leader of the Second Soviet Antarctic Expedition, and the 13th Soviet expedition; member of the Soviet Academy of Science. Involved in the defense of the Northern Sea Route in World War II, participant in 1948 Soviet expedition to the North Pole, leader of the North Pole-3 ice station in the Arctic Ocean, 1954-1955; later Director of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of the USSR (1960-1981) and president of the Geographical Society of the USSR (1977-1991).

Group: * Gramota (Diploma) for the Order of the Hero of Socialist Labor, 1950, * Gramota (Diploma) for his service at the North Pole-3 Ice Station, 1954-1955 (adhesion on back cover); * Gramota (Diploma) from the Soviet Academy of Sciences (3) -- 1958, 1976, 1981, * Gramota (diploma) from the Soviet Academy of Sciences - Azerbaijan, 1974; * Awards Book for the Order of the Hero of Socialist Labor, * Awards book for the Defense of the Soviet Transarctic Medal, * Awards book for Arctic Veteran's Medal, * Membership book for the Soviet Geographical Society, filled out through 1941, * Other membership books (5) . Normal wear; and

* Bronze commemorative medals which belonged to Tryoshnikov - 80th Anniversary of the Birth of Polar explorer Ivan Papanin, 1974, 25th Anniversary of the Soviet Antarctic Expedition, 1981, Expedition to Antarctica on the Ice Breaker Vladivostok, 50th Anniversary of the North Pole Drift Station, 1987; 30th Anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty, 1991. 62-65mm; * Soviet Navy 33rd Submarine Division enameled pinback badge; * Soviet Bronze Medals - Fridtjof Nansen, 65mm; and Arctic 1924-1974, 60mm. Extremely Fine; * 1985 Moscow edition of his book Moi Poliarne Puteshestviia and Russian Paperback on Tryoshnikov. Normal wear.

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Please note that this group also includes Tryoshnikov's Medal for the Defense of the Soviet Polar (Transarctic) region, and enameled Soviet Submarine screwback badges - KSF 1982, and KSF 1933-1988. The amended estimate should be $550-$750.