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Auction: 347 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale
Lot: 11

Poland. August II, Mocny - the "Strong" (1697-1706, 1709-1733). On the Coronation of August II as Frederick Augustus of Poland, 1697. Medal. Silver, 43mm. By Georg Hautsch. Laureate and armored bust right; FRID.AVG.D.G.ELECT.SAX. IN REGEM POLON.ELECT.1697, rev. Augustus II standing right over the body of the vanquished hydra receives the crown from Polonia standing left; NEC ME LABOR ILLE GRAVABIT., HERCVLI / SAXONICO in ex. H-Cz 2588, Racz.266. Very scarce. Pleasing old tone. About Extremely Fine.

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