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Auction: 344 - The Numismatic Collector's Series Sale at Grand Hyatt, NY INC
Lot: 20

Kings of Egypt. Ptolemy III Euergetes (246-222 BC). AV Mnaieion - Oktadrachm. Alexandria. 27.71 gms. Commemorative issue struck under Ptolemy IV Philapator (221-205 BC). Deified bust of Ptolemy III right, wearing a radiate diadem and aegis, trident over shoulder, middle prong ending in a louts finial, rev. BA ΣIΛEΩ Σ ΠToΛEMAIoY, Radiate and filleted cornucopiae, ?I below, higher up touching leaf. Svoronos 1117, Boston MFA 2283, Kraay-Hirmer 803, SNG Copenhagen 196, BMC 103-4, Noeske 137.
Ptolemy IV struck an extensive series of coins to honor his father Ptolemy III. On them, his father is given divine attributes - a radiate diadem for Helios, aegis for Zeus and trident for Poseidon; thus proclaiming that Ptolemy III was the master of the three Elements: Heaven, Earth and Sea. But while Ptolemy IV may have idolized his father, his filial affection did not at all extend to his mother. A vice-ridden drunkard and devotee of orgiastic religious rites, Ptolemy IV, who was held in thrall by his favorites, ushered in his feeble reign by arranging the murder of his mother, Berenike II, and his uncle and brother.
NGC XF. Fine style. Good Extremely Fine.

$10,000 to $12,000