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(x) Government of India, British Administration, [Top Pop] 1000 Rupees, Calcutta, 7th July 1903, serial number PA/99 53857, Outstanding Top Pop 1000 Rupees from Calcutta,

When history and rarity intertwine.

The Uniface Underprint series of British Indian banknotes carries a fascinating history that began in the year 1867. These banknotes, the first of their kind, were distinguished by their vibrant green hue, a colour that would become emblematic of this unique series.
One of the distinctive features of the Underprint series was the use of moulded paper as the printing medium. This choice not only enhanced their durability, but it also set the banknotes apart from their contemporaries.
These green series notes were adorned with four language panels, each tailored to the specific Circle of Issue. This diversity of languages reflected the rich cultural tapestry of British India, where different regions spoke different languages.
Security was of paramount concern, even in the 19th century, and the Underprint series incorporated several advanced features for its time. Among these were a wavy watermark, intricate guilloche patterns, and a coloured Underprint. Interestingly, the watermark became a source of perplexity for those attempting to date the notes.
These banknotes, while a recognised form of currency, came with a notable caveat. They could technically only be encashed within the currency circle of their issue and lacked legal tender status beyond these boundaries. However, in practice, they were readily accepted and encashed within reasonable limits, highlighting their widespread acceptance and utility.
The Underprint series maintained its prominence in the currency landscape for several decades, enduring until the 1920s. This period saw the introduction of banknotes bearing the portrait of the reigning monarch, King George V, marking a transition in the history of British Indian currency. The Underprint series, with its vibrant green notes and unique characteristics, left an indelible mark on the annals of paper money and the history of British India.
This 1000 rupees Calcutta green issues note, issued on the 7th of July 1903, bears the serial number PA/99 53857 and holds the distinction of being the finest graded by PMG, sharing this esteemed title with just one other banknote.
Its rarity, captivating design, substantial size, and significant purchasing power combine to make it a truly exceptional piece. The enduring legacy of this note, which has withstood the test of time and continues to be cherished today, is nothing short of astonishing.

(Pick A19ah, BNB 113, Jhun&Rez 2A.7.2A.1), in PMG holder 25 NET Very Fine, spindle holes at issue, restoration, pinholes

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