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The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection | German States, "Insurrection of Münster" (22 July 1660 - 26 March 1661), Obsidional Siege Coinage, under Christoph Bernhard von Galen, Uniface Thaler Klippe, 1660, MONAST : WESTPH : OBSESSVM • 1660, garnished shield of arms, dividing date, plain edge, 28.66g (Peus 50; Brause-Mansfeld I, pl. 20, 4; Korchnak 440; Mailliet 2; MO; Lasser –; KM 323), two edge splits and light greenish hue, otherwise a pleasing and clear strike, good very fine, scarce


The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection of European Coins and Medals

with his envelope

As one of the terms of the Peace of Westphalia, the town of Münster was to be ruled by a Catholic Prince-Bishop. Not long after the treaty was signed, the citizens of Münster rebelled against their ruler, Bishop Christoph Bernhard von Galen. Their goal was to raise Münster to the rank of an imperial free city, thus removing it from the influence of a local prince. In response, Bishop von Galen surrounded and laid siege to the city on 22 July 1660, with nearly 15,000 soldiers. Suffering from food and money shortages, the cities elders resorted to personal loans and melting of silverware to provide coins for trade within the city. The winter was particularly rough that year compounded by diminishing supplies, negotiations for a peaceful surrender began 1 January 1661. By 26 March, the city signed a declaration that forbid it from seeking contact and aid from foreign powers.

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