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The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection | German States, Grand Duchy of Jülich-Cleve-Berg, Joachim Murat (1806-1808), "Landmünze" Reichsthaler, 1806 TS, Dusseldorf, IOACHIM HERZOG ZU BERG U: CLEVE, bare head right, rev. BERG: UND CLEVISCHE LAND MUNZ, value in four lines in wreath, security edge, 19.47g, 6h (AKS 9; Kahnt 137; Thun 110; Dav. 624; KM 11), two metal striking flaws to edge and adjustment to reverse, faintly scuffed in field behind head, nevertheless lustrous, a handsomely bold very fine, rare


The Wilhelm Hüffer (1821-1895) Collection of European Coins and Medals

with his envelope

Napoleon Bonaparte passed the Duchy of Berg on to his brother-in-law and Marshal Joachim Murat; who also received the part of Kleve on the right bank of the Rhine. At the conclusion of the Rhine Confederation Act a short time later, Murat received the city of Deutz, the counties of Sayn, Nassau-Siegen and Hadamar, and the abbeys of Essen and Elten. At the same time he was elevated to Grand Duke with the title "Royal Highness", which flattered his vanity. In 1808, Berg was rounded off around Mark, Dortmund, Tecklenburg, Lingen and parts of Münster. In the same year, Joachim Murat was "transferred" as King of Naples to southern Italy and Napoléon I took over the Grand Duchy himself. The coinage in Düsseldorf continued along the planned lines during his reign.

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