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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
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The Augusta Collection of European Gold Coins | NGC MS61 | Germany, Electorate of Bavaria, Karl Theodor (1777-1799), Ducat, 1787 HS, Munich, dies by Johann Heinrich Straub, CAR • THEODOR • D • G • C • P • R • VTR • BAV • DVX • bust right, with ties, H•S• below truncation, rev. EL • DVX • I • CL • & • M - 1787 - S • R • I • ARCHID • & Palatinate-Bavarian coat of arms covered with the electoral crown, surrounded by laurel and palm branches, 3.47g, 12h (vide Forrer [1902], pp. 290; cf. UBS 69, 23 January 2007, lot 1791 same dies; cf. Kunker 122, 14 March 2007, lot 2538 same dies; Hahn 349 var.; Wittelsbach 2338 var.; KM 568 var.; Fb. 255 var.), short adjustment mark at reverse 8 o'clock, otherwise residually brilliant and lustrous, almost extremely fine, the obverse die evidently excessively rare for this date, with only two others traced at global public auction this millennium with HS rather than ST under bust, in NGC holder, graded MS61 (Cert. #6768684-021)


From the Augusta Collection of European Gold Coins

Karl Theodore issue a separate series of attractive 'EX AURO' ducats for 1779 and 1793 produced from river gold extracted from the Danube (DANUBII), Isar (ISARAE), and Inn (OENI). Interestingly, all bear Straub's signature as 'HS' alongside an alteration to the obverse legend. In comparison, this issue is almost invariably encountered with ST under the truncation. Besides this rare exception for 1787, the same variety is known for 1779 and indeed with no signature for 1778.

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