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Auction: 23006 - The Official COINEX Auction at Spink
Lot: 63

Eadwig (955-959), 'Horizontal-Rosette' Type 3, North Western Issues, Penny, Wilsige, + EADVVIGE RX, small cross pattée, rev. VVILZ | O E+T O | IG MON [WILZIG MONET], central letters flanked by large decorative annulets, rosette above and below, 1.19g [18.36grns], 9h ('The Chester Hoard (1950)', 1954, Pl. 3, no. 302 = SCBI 34 [BM], 844 same reverse die; SCBI 6 [Edinburgh], 348; North 730; Spink 1123), creased and straightened with an old repair and a small daylight spot, otherwise of full flan, with a rich dark cabinet tone, very fine, the reverse better, very rare


Bonhams (Auction 24192), 22 November 2017, lot 289

Lord Stewartby, Part I, Spink 234, 22 March 2016, lot 200 [with his envelope]

Baldwin, by private treaty, 27 April 2001

Baldwin, by private treaty, 1950s - £1.7.6 [with this ticket]

W C Wells, collection purchased en bloc by Baldwin, c. 1949

F A Walters, Sotheby's, 24 October 1932, lot 67 (part) [Baldwin for "210" = Wells]

As noted by Blunt and Dolley in reviewing a similar coin from the Chester hoard: "The central line on the reverse which reads ONEO, OMTO, &c., has been taken as being the mint-name, as it undoubtedly is on a number of other coins of this type (e.g. numbers 262-90 in this hoard) . This has resulted in attributions to York ['MON EO'], Tamworth ['MONOE TO'], and other mints. We believe the central line on these particular coins to be a continuation of the legend contained in the top and bottom lines, the Os being sometimes ornamental and sometimes letters. In support of this we call attention to nos. 298-300 (PI. Ill) where the final letter of the moneyer’s name appears in the middle line. We would therefore read these coins Freotheric Mo. Similarly we read the others in the hoard as follows:.... 301/2 Wilsig Monet"

At the G R Smith dispersal at Sotheby's on 17 July 1848, lot 79, described: "Eadwig, WILSIG, unpublished moneyer, different to any in Ruding, slightly broken". It was sold for £0.1.6 to Webb. Other examples appear in J Powell (1877), and in the Hon. Robert Marsham sale (1888).

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