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Auction: 20007 - Prof. Yih-Tzong Hsu Prestige Chinese Banknotes Collection
Lot: 1089

People's Bank of China, 1st series renminbi, 1949, uniface specimen pair for an unissued 'Blue Factory' 5 yuan, serial number 0000000. Control specimen number 00085, Obverse: blue, factory at left, red seal signatures at lower right, 'Yang Piao' in red block Chinese characters. Reverse: purple brown, building at centre. 'Yang Piao' in blue block Chinese characters. An extremely rare type that was never issued. The origins of these notes are unclear but a very small number became available in the 1980's. We think that all nine notes that are currently known came from a single source. The control number 00085 is the lowest control number seen and 00921 the highest which suggests the total printing run was 1000 but the vast majority were either destroyed and kept by the People's Bank. An extremely rare note indeed and a great addition to the 62 issued designs. (Pick unlisted), the obverse graded PMG 40 NET Extremely Fine (Repaired at lower left corner with a piece added). The reverse graded PMG 40 Extremely Fine (1 pair). An extremely rare note from a popular series (1 pair)

HK$100,000 to HK$350,000