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Auction: 19034 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part II
Lot: 2008

Shanghai Agency
1893 (c.) part wrapper to the Mercantile Bank of India, carried Per S.S. “Koro Shing” bearing Shanghai 1893 “1ct.“ on half 2c. brown tied by a superb strike of the bilingual “local post agency/foochow” in greenish blue. This is thought to be the only example of the bisected surcharge used on cover in the Foochow Agency. Photo

Charles Dougan, October 1983

Charles Goodwyn, November 2001

1893年福州寄本地"The Mercantile Bank of India Ltd.封套(只保留局部), 貼1893年1分加蓋於半枚棕色弐分票, 銷完整藍綠色福州書信舘中英文戳, 本件相信為存世僅見的在上海工部雙龍對剖票上銷福州代辦所的實寄例, 福州商埠郵史上極其珍貴之素材. 流傳: 1983年10月Charles Dougan, 2001年11月Charles Goodwyn.

HK$10,000 to HK$12,000