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Auction: 19033 - Stamps and Covers of South East Asia
Lot: 759

Japanese Occupation
Revenue Stamps
A magnificent collection, all very neatly mounted and written-up, which falls into five groups and includes:-

1. 1942 pre-war documents with Charge (3), Release of Charge, Deed of Transfer (7) and Certificate of Transmission, all bearing 1934-41 values to $2, most with manuscript cancels

2. 1942 piece bearing pre-war 50c. and $1 on piece tied by "Lands & Survey/Sibu/Third Division" cachet and Japanese manuscript "Received inward"; small oval chop in red on 1c., 2c. green, 2c. black, 5c., 6c. carmine, 6c. lake-brown, 10c. , 25c. and 50c. blocks of twenty (10x2) being the bottom two rows of the sheet with imprint (the 6c. carmine missing some pieces of selvedge), $1 vertical pairs (2), $2 pair, $3 marginal block and strip of four, $4 marginal block of four and imprint strip of four plus some usages including 3c. on 1943 receipt, 5c. on 1945 receipt, 10c., 50c. and $4 on Power of Attorney and 25c. on Court settlement; small oval chop in blue on 5c. marginal block of twenty (chop in a turquoise shade), 6c. and 10c. imprint blocks of twenty (10x2), 25c. block of ten (5x2), 50c. imprint block of nineteen, $1 marginal block of eighteen (6x3) and singles (2, one with chop inverted), $3 with chop double and $5 block of four, 25c., 50c., $1 (2), $2 (2), $5 on 1945 Charge document and $10 used; and unlisted small oval chop in black on 5c. marginal block of twenty-four (8x3) and imprint block of eight (4x2)

3. Large oval chop in violet on 2c. black and 3c. green; chop in blue on 1c., 2c. black pair, 3c. green strip of three, 5c., 10c., 20c., 25c., 50c. and $1 mint, 5c. (2) and $1 on piece and 50c. (3) on piece; chop in red on 3c. green, 5c. (2), 50c. (3) and $1 on piece, plus $2 pair on 1944 document

4. Official Seals on 1c., 4c., 6c. and 8c. imprint blocks of twenty, 6c., 15c. (light stains) and 20c. in blocks of fifty, and $2, $4, $5 and $10 blocks of four

5. Post-war covers (4) from Australian forces including 1945 (20 Sept.) to Sydney from a released POW showing "passed free/of postage" h.s. and FPO 034 c.d.s.

A lovely lot and a great addition to any Japanese Occupation collection. Photo

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