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Auction: 19010 - The Philatelic Collectors' Series Sale
Lot: 1006

Airmails of the World
The Ted Proud Collection

Imperial Airways/BOAC
1940-44 envelopes/cards, in three albums housed in a box, carried on the wartime horseshoe route covering a wide range of countries and different rates including 1940 (July) USA to Cameroons and UK to Ruanda Urundi, 1940 (Oct.) Fiji to Burma, 1940 (Dec.) Aden to UK, 1941 (May) and (June) Afghanistan to USA (registered) , 1941 (May) Tobruk under siege (AFPO 20) to New Zealand, 1942 Southern Rhodesia to China (registered) and 1942 (Nov.) Iraq to Jamaica; 1942-45 envelopes (30) carried by Imperial Airways on UK - Sweden - UK service in an album; 1943-44 envelopes/cards (38) carried by BOAC from UK - Asia - UK in an album; and an album of various African branch lines including 1925 South Africa Airways with experimental service (4), Wilson Airways, BOAC Ethiopia branch service and BOAC West African services. A fine lot all neatly mounted and written-up with details of flights. (hundreds)

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