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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1042

Postage Dues
1896 (9 June) large piece of registered parcel to the Japanese Consulate in Chungking bearing Shanghai 1893 2c. orange-vermilion with 4c. on 15c. and 6c. on 20c. (defective) with light strikes of the squared circle datestamp and boxed registered handstamp number "257"; with Postage Due 8ca. orange and 24ca. yellowish green (3) cancelled by the Chungking oblong datestamp (26.7) with similar for Ichang alongside (17.7) with part manuscript date. This piece has been rebacked with an old Chinese newspaper and there is some soiling, however, this is a stunning and highly desirable item of Chungking philately. This is the largest postage due franking and the only such combination with Shanghai adhesives. Photo

1896年6月9日寄重慶日本領事的掛號包裹封皮, 上貼1893年上海工部橙色銀兩分, 四分加蓋於銀拾伍分及六分加蓋於銀貳拾分票各一枚, 銷上海外方內圓斜條日戳, 另一端銷同一斜條日戳及掛號(編號257)戳, 左端貼重慶信局橙色銀捌分一枚及青綠色銀貳錢肆分三枚, 均銷7月26日紫色長方框型中英文日戳, 旁蓋一枚深紫色相似的7月17日方框型重慶信局宜昌分局中英文日戳. 這張封皮曾用中文報紙托底, 兼有些污染, 但無論如何也不會令這重要的重慶郵品價值降低, 值得注意的這是最大欠資票額與上海工部票混貼郵件.

HK$50,000 to HK$80,000