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Auction: 19009 - The Treaty Ports of the Shanghai Postal System - Part 1
Lot: 1035

Postage Dues
Handstamped Overprints
Overprint with Large Letters: 2ca. rose-red tied on small piece by a near complete strike of the Chungking oblong datestamp dated 1896 (29 Apr.). An important and significant stamp as no example has been recorded on cover. Photo

E.N. Lane, October 1997

Elling O. Eide, November 2014

手蓋大字欠資票; 銀貳分舊票剪片, 玫紅色, 銷完整1896年4月29日紫色重慶長方框型中英文日戳, 相信是唯一存世貼用之手蓋大字欠資票, 珍貴._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流: 1997年10月E.N. Lane: 2014年11月Elling O. Eide.

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