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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 881

1897 New Currency Surcharges
Large Figures Surcharge, Narrow Setting
Third Printing
A remainder collection on leaves with ½c. on 3ca. unused (7) including broken kun and broken gin, and used (2); 1c. on 1ca. unused (8) including no stop and broken foot of kun and used (2); 2c. on 2ca. unused (11) including block of four, cracked yang and used (3); 4c. on 4ca. unused (5) and used (2); 5c. on 5ca. unused (3) and used (2); 10c. on 9ca. unused (4) and used (3) plus variety surcharge inverted used (2); 10c. on 12ca. unused (2) and used (2); condition is variable, many good to fine. (58)

一組五十八枚慈禧壽辰紀念三版加蓋大字短距票,洋銀半分蓋於三分票,七枚新票含破"艮"字及破"金"字及兩枚舊票; 洋銀壹分蓋於壹分票,八枚新票含"艮"字破腳及兩枚舊票; 洋銀貳分蓋於貳分票,十一枚新票含四方連,"洋"字破及三枚舊票;洋銀肆分蓋於肆分票,五枚新票及兩枚舊票; 洋銀伍分蓋於伍分票,三枚新票及兩枚舊票; 洋銀壹角蓋於玖分票,四枚新票,兩枚新票有倒蓋變體及三枚舊票; 洋銀壹角蓋於壹錢貳分票,兩枚新票及兩枚舊票; 品相中上到佳。

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