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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 685

1894 Dowager Empress
Incoming Mail
1896 under paid printed paper rate envelope to the French Legation Peking with printed "pure milk." at top and bearing G.B. 1887 ½d. vermilion tied by London E.C. obliterator, the wrapper has been marked with manuscript "2" in black ink, 2ca. light green tied by Tientsin seal in blue with Customs Tientsin (2.12) c.d.s. struck in brownish red; the reverse with normal Customs Tientsin (3.12) and Customs Peking (4.12) c.d.s. in blue. A fine and impressive cover. Only twenty six incoming covers have been recorded. Photo

Richard Canman, October 1972

literature: Covers and Cards of Empress Dowager Jubilee and its Surcharge issues, Tony Kwan, 2011 (illustrated page 409)

1896年倫敦寄北京法國大使館欠資印刷物封,封上部印有"PURE MILK"( 純正牛乳)字樣,貼英國1887年女皇半d.票,銷倫敦E.C.戳,封紙另一旁有黑墨水手寫"2"字,女皇票下麵加貼慈貳分銀票,綠色,銷天津藍色橢圓型戳及12月2日天津啡紅色海關日戳; 封背蓋普通的12日3日天津海關日戳,及12月4日藍色北京海關日戳; 一個保存甚佳又非常具吸引力的早期入口郵件,目前只有二十六件此時期的入口郵件被記錄下來._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1972年10月Richard Canman; 著作:2011年關道華著" 慈禧壽辰票暨其加蓋票信封圖鑑" (409頁插圖).

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