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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 682

1894 Dowager Empress
9 candareens International Rate
1895 (7 Jan.) large, triple weight envelope to Switzerland bearing 3ca. orange-yellow with 24ca. rose-red cancelled by a single strike of Tientsin seal type XI in blue with French "Chine" 75c. tied by "shang-hai/chine" c.d.s. with red Paris transit alongside, the reverse with the large Customs Tientsin type II c.d.s. in blue (four figure yeardate), Customs Shanghai (20.1) and Fribourg arrival (4.4). There is a vertical fold, nevertheless an important and scarce franking. Signed by Peter Holcombe and Calves. Photo

provenance: 'Ming', March 1987

literature: Covers and Cards of Empress Dowager Jubilee and its Surcharge issues, Tony Kwan, 2011 (illustrated page 60)

The 24ca. correctly usued on cover is scarce, only 12 covers have been recoreded. In addition to this there are 22 philatelic covers and 5 Maus covers

1895年1月7日天津寄瑞士大型三倍郵資實寄封 貼三分銀橙黃色及貳錢肆分銀玫紅色票各一枚,銷天津藍色"XI"型橢圓型戳,信封另邊貼法國客郵75仙票,銷上海法國客郵戳,旁有巴黎紅色中轉戳,在封背有藍色大型天津II型海關日戳(四位數字日期),1月20日上海海關戳,及瑞士Fribourg (弗裡堡) 4月4日到達戳; 少見及重要的大額郵資實寄封,有Peter Holcombe及Calves的簽名._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1987年3月"Ming"; 著作:2011年關道華著" 慈禧壽辰票暨其加蓋票信封圖鑑" (插圖頁60); 24分銀票正確地貼用信封上是不多見的,有記錄的只有12個實寄封.

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