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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 610

1897 Small Dragon Surcharges
Large Figures
2c. on 3ca. mauve, rough perf.12½ plate proof of the wide setting without watermark, traces of gum. The surcharge shows positional variety gin broken at right whilst the basic stamp appears to show the broken "3" of cliché 1 (this would suggest left pane [6] of setting VI). The stamp is centred to the right and there is a light horizontal bend at top. A very rare proof of the unissued wide setting surcharge. Chan 35T. Photo

A few proofs of the wide setting have been recorded, these may be either imperofate or perforated

小龍大字加蓋洋銀貳分蓋於三分毛齒十二度半長距樣票,紫紅色,無浮水印,"銀"字右邊有破變體,同時展現子模1的破"3"字(應屬第六版式左格[6]),圖案中間徧右,而票上部有微小橫向折曲,十分罕見的未發行小龍試蓋票. 陳目35T.

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