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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 602

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
Incoming Mail
Redirected Mail: 1891 (15 June) German 10pf. postal stationery card to Peking and cancelled by Angermünde c.d.s. sent "via Queenstown - Canada" with Yokohama (14.7) and diminutive I.J.P.A. Shanghai (18.7) c.d.s. plus the scarce boxed "To Pay" in red applied in Shanghai. Redirected to Berlin "via Shanghai - Brindisi" with, on the reverse, Customs Peking (24.7) and Customs Shanghai (30.7) c.d.s., the address side with added 1ca. green and Germany 10pf. both tied by a single strike of German Post Office Shanghai (30.7) and German arrival c.d.s. (8.9). A fine card with the 1 candareen paying the internal post cardrate and has not been cancelled by the Chinese Post Office. Photo

The postcard rate was incresed to 2ca. on 20 March 1892

1891年6月15日德國10芬尼郵資片經加拿大皇后鎮寄北京,銷安格爾明德戳,有7月14日日本橫濱戳,7月18日上海I.J.P.A. 戳,及少見紅色「ToPay」補費戳。郵件及後經上海、義大利布林迪西轉遞至德國柏林,背蓋7月24日北京海關戳,7月30日上海海關戳,地址旁加貼小龍壹分票及德國10芬尼票銷7月30日上海德國客郵局戳,9月8日德國到達戳。一枚完好郵資片,當時寄國內郵資為壹分銀,此片未有蓋銷中國郵局戳。1892年3月20日明信片郵資調整至貳分銀。

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