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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 596

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
International 9 candareen Rate
German Post Office

1893 (24 Aug.) opened-out Singer envelope to Chinkinag bearing Switzerland 25c. tied by Baden c.d.s. with a second strike alongside and, on the reverse, Singapore to Hong Kong (19.9), blue Shanghai Local Post and Customs Chinkiang arrival (1.10). The envelope the readdressed back to Charles Singer in Baden "Per Canadian-Pacific Mail" with 1ca. green, 3ca. mauve and 5ca. olive-ochre tied by Customs Chinkiang c.d.s. (5.10) with Customs Shanghai (6.10) and German Post Office Shanghai (6.10) finally with Baden arrival (2.11). A fine and important cover which had been returned through the German Post Office but without the addition of any German stamp. Photo

Richard Canman, October 1972

Prize Selections from the ROCPEX Taipei '81 (illustrated page 96)

For information about the Canadian-Pacific Mail, please see lot ...

1893年8月24日瑞士寄鎮江"勝家"剖開封,貼瑞士25仙票,銷Baden日戳,旁有另一枚相同日戳,在封背有由星架坡到香港(9月19日戳),藍色上海工部中轉戳,10月1月鎮江海關到達日戳. 之後此信又經加拿大-太平洋航路寄回瑞士,並於封背加貼小龍壹分,三分及伍分各一,銷鎮江10月5日鎮江海關戳,10月6日上海海關戳,及10月6日上海德國客郵戳,到最後在11月2日遞送回到Baden. 這信封十分重要及罕有,因它經上海德國客郵局轉寄回歐洲,卻未曾加貼任何德國郵票._x000D_ _x000D_ 源流:1972年10月Richard Canman; 著作:Prize Selections from the ROCPEX Taipei '81,第96頁圖; 有關加拿大-太平洋郵路資料,請看1896年8月8日北京經加拿大-太平洋郵路寄德國Strassburg封的拍品附說

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