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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 591

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
International 9 candareen Rate
1892 (2 May) opened-out envelope to Paris bearing clean cut perf.11½ 3ca. mauve (3) tied by fine strikes of "i.g. of customs/seoul" in black, one France 25c. struck over the top cancelled by "shang-hai/chine" c.d.s. and, on the reverse, a light strike of Customs Jenchuan (6.5) in mauve, Customs Shanghai (9.5) and French transit (19.6). A rare and remarkable cover.

It is thought that only nine Small Dragon covers are recorded from Seoul, this being the earliest. Photo

The Revenue Surcharges of China, volume II, 1987 (illustrated page 859)

1892年5月2日韓國漢城寄巴黎破剖封,貼小龍光齒十一度半三分票三枚,銷黑色漢城I.G.海關戳,另有一枚法國25仙票貼在小龍票之上,銷上海法國客郵戳,在封背有5月6日仁川淡紫色海關戳,5月9日上海海關日戳,6月19日法國中轉戳. 罕見及值得留意的小龍實寄封. 由於貼小龍票由漢城寄出的信封,據記錄的只有九件,而此封是屬較早期的._x000D_ _x000D_ 著作: 1987年" The Revenue Surcharges o China,第二卷859頁圖

HK$500,000 to HK$600,000