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Auction: 19008 - The Lam Man Yin Collection of Small Dragons, Dowagers and 1897 Surcharges
Lot: 581

1885-88 Small Dragon Issues
International Mail Forwarded
1896 (29 Sept.) opened out envelope to Captain Talbot of the Rifle Brigade (the Prince Consort's Own) in Peking bearing 3ca. mauve tied by Tientsin seal type IX in blue with Customs Tientsin despatch and Peking arrival (30.9) c.d.s. on the reverse.

The first redirection to the British Consulate in Shanghai with further Peking (30.9), Tientsin (2.10) and red Shanghai Local Post (5.10) c.d.s.

The cover seems to have stayed here for some time before being forwarded to Hong Kong with Hong Kong 5c. blue added (inter Treaty Port rate) and tied by Shanghai (18.5) c.d.s. with Hong Kong (23.5). Here there was another delay and there is the Hong Kong boxed, bilingual "Unclaimed" handstamp (Proud I41) and returned to Shanghai with blue Dollar dater (27.11) finally readdressed to Singapore with British Post Office Shanghai c.d.s. (28.11) "T" in circle and large manuscript "8" in blue crayon for postage due (additional postage required for Singapore), Hong Kong (30.11), Singapore and Tanglin (7.12) arrival.

A most unusual and much travelled letter which took over a year and two months to reach its destination. An appealing cover with bags of character and an exhibition item of the highest calibre. Photo.

1896年9月29日天津寄北京Captain Talbot轉出口剖開封,封面封三分票,銷天津藍色九型橢圓中文戳,天津海關配發戳及北京9月30日到達戳,在封背可看到首次轉遞往上海英國領事館,自北京(9月30日),經天津(10月2日)及到上海蓋上海工部戳(10月5日),這封似乎在上海滯留了些時間,才再貼香港5仙票轉遞往香港,在香港又延遲了些日子,而在封背上蓋有英法雙語方框"Unclaimed"戳(無人領取),後來此信又退回上海並蓋11月27日藍色大圓日戳,最終又改地址轉遞往星加坡,蓋上海英國客郵11月28日戳,又蓋圓型欠資戳及手寫藍色大"8"字欠資額(追加郵資於星加坡),於11月30日經香港而終在12月7日到達星加坡,此信在各地遊歷共一年零兩個多月才完成整個郵遞,是集郵家的追求對象,亦可作為郵展的重要素材.

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